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Words of Chairman

Taiwan India Business Association (“TIBA”) was established on December 21, 2012. To expand booming economic and trade development between Taiwan and India, Important associations and major manufacturers are supported by the government to integrate resources for the preparation of promoting TIBA, constructing the most effective platform to develop and invest Indian market, and moving into new milestone for economic and trade relations between Taiwan and India.


The establishment of TIBA aims to enhance new kinetic energy of investment and expansion in Indian market from Taiwan, and unlock new opportunities. In recent years, rapid growth of Indian economy and increasing consumption ability from 1.2 billion populations has made India an emerging market filled with business opportunities. However, language and culture barrier and special living habit may cause individual Taiwan manufacturers to face great challenge on the investment or expansion.


TIBA specially establish the website to strengthen services for our members and enhance effectiveness for association affairs, expecting this website to become the most important communication platform, contact channel and information source. I sincerely expect all circles to always use this website that TIBA will follow the policy to complete the tasks for the development of Taiwan-India economic and trade exchange and assistance of international business opportunities for enterprises.


For the purpose of enlarging member basis, TIBA sincerely invite all circles to actively participate in TIBA and make effort to promote Taiwan-India economic and trade relations. In addition to participation in various economic and trade seminars and speech events domestically held by TIBA for free, our services also offer you discount to attend foreign trade delegation organized by TIBA so as to link to India for market development. TIBA also offers Indian basic economic and trade information and proper referral of foreign tradesmen trade opportunities through this website. Please refer to Membership Zone for more details about enrollment.

Theodore Huang
Board Director of Taiwan India Business Association